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At 6twenty Creative Studio, we are highly skilled and versatile specializing in business strategies and systems, brand design and entrepreneurial balance. With a strong background in business administration and a passion for helping businesses thrive, it’s vital that we bring a unique blend of expertise and creativity to each project.

We recognize the complexities of running a business and the challenges that are faced like understanding business strategies, marketing analysis, competitive research and financial planning. Therefore, we pride myself in being proficient at identifying growth opportunities and developing effective strategies to maximize business success.

Additionally our expertise extends to branding and recognizing its critical role in establishing a strong market presence. Our keen eye for design and aesthetics can help entrepreneurs create a compelling and consistent brand identity from logos, crafting brand messages and developing a marketing campaign.

Overall, we understand the importance of balance in an entrepreneurial journey. Running a business can be demanding and overwhelming, often leading to burnout and decreased productivity. As a result, we emphasize the implementation of efficient systems and processes to streamline operations, optimize time management and improve work-life balance by identifying areas of improvement, implementing automation tools and developing workflows to enhance productivity and reduce stress.

Backed by our extensive knowledge, innovating thinking and dedication to client success, we pride ourselves on being a trusted partner for entrepreneurs looking to elevate their business strategies, strengthen their brand, and achieve a harmonious work-life balance.





Hello, I'm Kyra

Business Consultant and Sr. Brand Designer

Allow me to introduce myself, I am a multi-talented individual but first a wife, and mother of three. During my toughest times, I decided to turn my passion into a profitable venture by building 6Twenty2 Creative Studio. What initially started as a healing journey soon transformed into a successful career.

I hold an Associate of Arts in Business Communication, a Bachelor of Science in Communications with a Minor in Nonprofit Leadership and Management and am, currently pursuing my MBA with a focus on Cybersecurity. Additionally, I hold multiple certifications as my love for learning runs deep.

Business Systems, Technology and Data Analytics are my jam. As a Business Consultant and Brand Designer, I excel at providing strategic guidance and creative solutions to small and startup businesses. 

Recently, I have discovered the importance of confidence in achieving success, and I apply this newfound knowledge to all aspects of my life. With my passion for helping others and my love for all things creative and tech, I aim to make a significant difference in the world and leave a lasting impression on those I encounter.

Fun Facts About Me:

I love vintage, old school, retro everything.

Anything Nontraditional.

Favorite Color is Purple

I love cheese. Anything with cheese I can eat.

I love the water. The beach. #realsummerbaby

My business is named after my birthday but also in relations to Matthew 6:22 (more to the story)

My husband is my favorite person PERIOD

I am the oldest grandchild on both sides of my family

I love learning.

Relax You Got This


This is your Team section. Briefly introduce the team then add their bios below. Click here to edit.


This is your Team section. Briefly introduce the team then add their bios below. Click here to edit.

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